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about us
www.paper.com.cn- the largest vertical portal website in china paper industry - is owned and managed by beijing iuui network sci-tech co,. ltd., a high technology company located in zhongguancun sci-tech district, beijing.

www.paper.com.cn serves business information services for organizations, enterprises and individuals that are involved in the provinces of paper and relevant industries. it dedicates itself to the innovation of online construction of chinese paper industry; timely news event coverage, market trends, supply and demand information; providing subscriber services resolutions such as information publication, tailoring information, advertisement, website construction for enterprises and marketing; building up an comprehensive paper industrial platform leveraging information publication, agency communication and e-commerce.

channel brief

news center

provides updated news events inside the industry, closely focus on the development of the industry, analyze some phenomena in the industry. make customers know the events in the industry and their inner essential relations.

main columns: daily news, special report, analysis from experts, references

price tendency center

provide stable and reliable sources of price and information, complete and professional price sampling and analysis, practical and authorizing market indication, and let customers know the current prices in the paper market and also future tendency.

main columns: national market, international market, indication of the market

e-commerce center
provide firsthand supply and demand information of the products and classified business information, create unlimited trade opportunities for customers.

main columns: supply and demand of the market , business information , trade opportunities

data center
collect classfied statistics,industrial standards, policies and regulations, realvant agencies,books, magazines and materials etc. provide rich knowledge and decision reference basis for the people in the paper industry.

main columns: policies and regulations, statistics, special bookshelf, cards of knowledge, organizations of paper industry, list of enterprises, personalities in the paper industry.

main columns: forum of paper industry, latest member enterprises, person on line, member’s club

enterprises directory
register the company’s information for free, easy to ask for information about the enterprise you want, establish broad space for commercial activities.

forum of paper industry
the most popular bbs in paper industry, everyone can talk on the market and situation freely in the special area, can also relax in the entertainment area.

service solutions
www.paper.com.cn provides a set of member system solutions for enterprises, agencies and individuals in the paper industry and those concerned with paper industry, based on internet

* advertisement service: www.paper.com.cn is the largest network media in china paper industry with most customers. it is one of the most effective media for market promotion and advertisements for customers in the industry.

*membership:www.paper.com.cn provides a full membership service solutions for its clients, creates a package of tools and useful information to meet its clients unique needs,the free member,credit member,enterise member,information member etc.

* market promotion plan: www.paper.com.cn establishes good cooperation relations with agencies, media, enterprises and authorities in the industry, and creates solid information broadcasting network and market development channels, provides the best market promotion service for member enterprises. it is the excellent commercial platform for member enterprises to increase the popularities of the enterprise and acquire market information and grasp commercial opportunities.

* website building service for enterprises: aiming at the characteristics of the enterprises in the industry, www.paper.com.cn develops special technology for building website, and can help customers rapidly establish their own enterprise websites with low costs. the routine updating and maintenance do not require the handling by professional personnel, in large extent, lower the maintenance costs. the products and commercial information of the enterprises will be input into the information database of www.paper.com.cn, depending on mutual sales channels, carry out unified market promotion.

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